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December 14, 1991

Re:  Aunt Mabel’s Brand Roach Bait Recipe

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter because of the incredible results that we had after using your fantastic Roach Bait Recipe.

We have been operating eight coin op laundries in the Los Angeles area for about twenty years, and for as long as I can remember, we have been plagued with a roach problem that on several occasions has brought the fire of the Health Department upon us.  The "bulk head," or the area behind the washers is an ideal roach breeding area.  It is dark, moist, and tends to accumulate trash.  For years we have been using a professional pest control company, and they would come in and spray chemicals in order to eliminate the roaches.  The spraying would work temporarily, but invariably within several days we would notice a new infestation of roaches.

As a skeptic, I tried your recipe, thinking that it is just another gimmick.  I was a skeptic because here we were paying large sums of money to professional exterminators to spray sophisticated chemicals that were at best temporarily effective.  However, with your product we were able to use it when customers were present, we did not need to caution them, we did not need to wear masks or gloves, we did not need to have an experienced professional to use it, and most of all we did not need to spend a fortune preparing it.

The results were utterly amazing.  Within three days all the roaches were gone.  They were not driven out into the open, they did not appear at night, and they did not come out in droves;  they simply disappeared.  I did not see any roaches for over 30 days, and by then I thought that I should use your recipe again just to make sure that they won't come back.

We have used Aunt Mabel’s Brand Roach Bait Recipe twice now, and we consider it to be nothing short of astonishing.  I have recommended the formula to my business associates, and will certainly continue to use it on a regular basis.  Thank you for introducing me to your remarkable recipe, and please feel free to give my name to anyone that inquires about your product.


Ezra Bekhor


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