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The most common cockroaches found in homes in the United States, are the small German cockroach, the American cockroach and the Oriental cockroach.  The most pesky roaches in our homes are the brown colored roaches and are about 1/2 inch long.  The female lays egg cases about every 25 days.  These cases contain about 30 young roaches that become adults in a matter of three months. 

The cockroach has been around since the beginning of time and will probably be around forever.  Scientists predict that the cockroach will probably be the only species that will survive an atomic destruction.  The Cockroach, although not very harmful or poisonous to humans and pets, has become the number one pest around the home, restaurants, offices, hospitals and almost anywhere you find food, water and paper. 

Although not harmful to humans, the roaches do travel and eat from exposed foods and may spread germs from one dirty or infected place to another.  Roaches are scavengers and will eat nearly anything.  They will eat your exposed left over foods, soap, paper, books, certain toys, etc.  Even so, roaches have taste feelers and will shy away from poisons unless masked. 

This is why Aunt Mabel's Brand Roach Bait Recipe is so effective.  It provides the cockroach with food to eat  while masking the poisonous Boric Acid that has been known for centuries to destroy roaches quite effectively.


Roach Bait Recipe!

Restaurants, laundromats, retail stores, and other businesses can now eliminate their roach infestation forever without poisonous gasses, motels, hotels, and discs.  With this simple recipe, not only will you save hundreds of dollars, but you can rest assure that no poisons are hovering in the air while your customers are trying to eat, launder, browse, or shop.

What the large Roach Exterminator, motel manufacturers and other poisonous spray companies do not want you to know is that the simple and inexpensive natural solution is found in your very own home. 

Aunt Mabel's Brand Roach Bait Recipe was handed down from generation to generation and was used on roaches centuries before any of the modern manufacturers developed the different poisonous sprays and motels.  All these companies are struggling to stay in business.  Therefore, solving your problem forever would not be profitable for them.  Aunt Mabel's Brand Roach Bait Recipe, however, is your recipe to forever maintaining a cockroach free home.

Poisonous gasses will kill roaches that happened to be exposed at the time that the gas is sprayed.  It does nothing, however, for roaches that have retreated into deep crevasses while the gaseous spray dissipates into the air surrounding your family.  This is only a temporary solution, or you would never need to call an exterminator more than once.

The Cockroach has been around since the beginning of time and will be around forever!

Rid your home or business of roaches, forever!

Cockroach Elimination that Works!

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Chlordane, Dieldrin, or Malathion sprayed in cracks and crevices will probably do the trick.  But these are chemical poisons that no one should be using in the home especially if children and pets are present.  In todays plagued environment, everyone should do all they can to use the least amounts of any chemical.

The secret to effectively  eliminate these pesky insects and their young is to get them to directly ingest or eat our natural poison.  However, before you prepare Aunt Mabel's Brand Roach Bait Recipe and begin eliminating roaches forever, it is important that you know and understand the habits and behavior of the "Blattidae" or Cockroach.

The Cockroach is the world's most common insect found on all seven continents.  It is an oval brownish black bug with antennae and can vary from 1/4 of an inch to about 3 inches in length.  The largest roaches are found in the Tropics where the climate and surroundings are most conducive to their little adventures.  Roaches are much happier in warm climates.  This explains why infestation is more problematic during the summer season than the winter season


  Preparation of this recipe is so important during the winter season as well as the summer season since guarding and controlling against full infestation is one of the most important ways of eliminating and solving the roach problem

Boric Acid is a common powder sometimes used  as an eye solution and in the past has been used as a food preservative in very minimal quantities.  Some companies have even packaged Boric Acid Powder as a roach eliminator by itself. 

However, roaches will not eat the powder alone.  It will, however, break the membranes on their feet and kill them should they happen to walk through it.  This is true of almost any abrasive.

Some of the roach discs found on the market do contain small amounts Boric Acid.  However, the amount is so minute and unattractive to roaches that it does not kill roaches effectively either.

Hotels and motels, although a very good non- poisonous idea, are effective only if you could direct the traffic of roaches and politely ask them to check in.  It does not actually kill them but rather glues their little feet to the bottom of the box.  Again, any roaches not entering the hotel or motel will continue to reproduce and live happily ever after in your home.

Aunt Mabel's Brand Roach Bait Recipe is the only real solution to a real problem. It is a natural, biodegradable, inexpensive, and simplistic way to solve your cockroach problem.  Of all the products on the market today, Aunt Mabel's Brand Roach Bait Recipe is the safest and most effective to date.


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